Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Be Aware

Allow me to lay a disclaimer at the door. I have never attended a school of medicine of any kind, although, sometime I feel as if I should have, at the very least attended a school that teaches veterinary medicine,more about that later in this blog. 
Not so long ago, my spouse desired to have a bunion removed from her foot as it cause her some uncomfortable  moments. She asked her primary physician for a reference to see a Podiatry, in which he did, after seeing the podiatry, we returned to her primary physician with a one page document for him (her primary m.d.) to sign off on, he performed an electrocardiogram (EKG) which is the tracing made by an electrocardiograph. Her primary physician saw one movement on the result sheet (I was called into the room where my spouse was in consultation about the result with her doctor) that he said something about "I'm a little concerned about this[pointing to the sheet]). He wanted her to undergo a stress test, in which I objected, I explained to him, that she and I walk one and a half mile every other day and that I had not noticed any strain on her doing the forty minutes walk. After about five minutes or so of our discussing the need to have one performed, and I staunchly opposed his advice, needless to say, he refused to sign off on the document in the affirmative. It is of my most humble opinion, that more often than not, invasive tests are needless performed at an undue cost to everyone involved.
Yes, I think I should have attended veterinary medicine school, for I'm seeing far too many Jackasses and Jenny s in need of some serious attention.